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Steph Bould
Fab bouncy castle for a party. Friendly helpful people. Quick to put up and take down too. Would definitely use them again
Cath Jane
We hired a bouncy castle and cars for my sons birthday. Service was efficient and reasonably priced. Would highly recommend.
Hayley Parker-webley
Fantastic service. So helpful in discussing/meeting our needs. Our toddlers had an amazing time on the peppa pig soft play.
Charlotte Winter
We had a toddler bouncy castle for my sons 1st birthday and the kids loved it. service was efficient and professional and the castle was tidy and clean. would highly recommend
Jennifer Gibbs
We hired a bouncy castle and cars for our boys 6th birthday party today. Very professional, arrived in plenty of time to get everything set up and looked fab. The kids loved it! Very responsive and easy to organise. Would definitely recommend, great service. Thanks guys.
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Our Price: £15.00
Overnight Price: £30.00
Overnight Bookings: Our Price + Overnight Price
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Product Description


Transport your guests to the picturesque French countryside with our Boule game, also known as Petanque! This classic and sophisticated game involves the art of tossing metal balls with precision to land close to a smaller wooden ball, offering a touch of European charm to your event.

As participants engage in this leisurely yet strategic activity, they not only relish the outdoor setting but also foster a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition. Boule is a game that transcends generations, providing an inclusive and enjoyable experience for participants of all ages. The tactile delight of handling the metal balls and the strategic challenge of aiming for precision create a memorable and engaging experience that resonates with players.

Picture the scene as players gracefully toss their boules, each move a careful calculation of strategy and skill. The game unfolds with moments of anticipation, shared laughter, and friendly banter, adding a layer of sophistication to your outdoor gathering. Boule becomes more than just a game; it becomes a cultural experience that connects participants to the timeless leisure enjoyed in the heart of France.

Elevate your event with the classic charm of Boule, creating memories of strategic play and shared enjoyment. Whether played casually or with competitive spirit, Boule brings a touch of elegance to outdoor gatherings, making it a timeless addition that captures the essence of leisurely fun.


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